Catholic Christian Church Resources

We have resources that can help you offer healing through the sacraments and lead the faithful on a path to health and freedom. We are here for you and all Catholic ministry leaders. Let us help you find the tools you need to offer hope and healing.

Resources to Share

Equip the people in your parish to address the issue of pornography with these useful resources.

With Couples

Restored Vows

In this free, 14-day video series, Brandon and Tonia take couples on a candid journey to find healing and hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

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Safe Digital Family Challenge

Learn how to create safe digital environments for your family. Help kids say no to porn and understand their God-given identity in this 7-day email challenge. 

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With Individuals

STRIVE: 21 Day Porn Detox | For Men

STRIVE is a powerful 21-Day Porn Detox that helps men understand why they go to porn and equips them with the knowledge, tools, and accountability needed to quit.

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Transformed by Beauty | for Men and Women

Meet three very different peoplea priest, a ballerina, and a bodybuilder—all forever changed by the beauty of a transcendent God.

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Resources for Leadership

Resources for you and your leadership team. These will help you take action with your parish and diocese.

To Take Action

Safe Haven Sunday

Join over 40 dioceses and 6.5 million Catholics in this annual initiative that equips diocesan and parish leaders to directly address the harms of pornography. 

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In the Confessional


Equip the men in your church to live free from porn with this powerful 21-Day Porn Detox. Order your STRIVE confessional cards today. 

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