Resources to Share With Individuals

Resources for the people in your parish that will equip them to address the issue of pornography.

STRIVE: 21 Day Porn Detox | For Men

STRIVE is a powerful 21-Day Porn Detox that helps men understand why they go to porn and equips them with the knowledge, tools, and accountability needed to quit.

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Transformed by Beauty | for Men and Women

Meet three very different peoplea priest, a ballerina, and a bodybuilder—all forever changed by the beauty of a transcendent God.

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Porn Circuit | for Both Men & Women

Learn the brain science behind porn use–why it’s addictive, how it affects people, and how you can break free from porn in 90 days.  

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Novena for Purity | for Both Men & Women

Join us and the Angelic Warfare Confraternity for nine days of focused prayer where you’ll ask God to strengthen you as you seek to live a life of purity.  

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