Resources to Share With Individuals

Equip the people in your congregation to address the issue of pornography with these useful resources.

STRIVE: 21 Day Porn Detox | For Men

STRIVE is a powerful 21-Day Porn Detox that helps men understand why they go to porn and equips them with the knowledge, tools, and accountability needed to quit.

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New Fruit | For Women

Written by women, for women, New Fruit is filled with powerful stories of transformation and proven methods to break free from unwanted porn use. 

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Life Change Workbook | For Both Men & Women

Life Change is a practical, easy-to-use, 12-week study for individuals or groups seeking a biblical introduction to quitting porn. 

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Your Brain on Porn | For Both Men & Women

Research shows that pornography use changes the way you think. Learn the top five ways porn rewires your brain and what you can do about it in Your Brain on Porn. 

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